Social media platforms are among the most important marketing destinations for any business that’s looking to grow their online presence and reach new customers. When you want to promote your brand to online audiences, there are an array of steps that you can take to build a strong brand through social media. With so many social media platforms to choose from, it might seem like a difficult prospect to maintain a presence on social media. However, it’s much easier than it appears and can pay dividends. In the event that you require assistance with your marketing efforts, the marketing expertise provided here at Prime Media Designs will help you identify your next steps. 

Stay Consistent When Presenting Your Brand 

Your branding will need to be consistent if you want to have success with social media marketing. While it’s certainly advisable to utilize the strengths of each separate social media platform, the content that you place on these platforms should remain cohesive. You want the customer to have positive emotions and thoughts about your brand each and every time they encounter it, which is only possible if your branding conveys a strong and clear message. 

Let’s say that a movie production company is getting ready for the release of a comedic film that’s filled with irreverent humor. The tweets and Facebook posts that are made for these films should match what the film is about and should be written in a tone that’s similar to the movie. You’re never going to sell moviegoers on a comedy when writing content that has a bland and corporate tone to it. Consistent branding is among the more difficult aspects of social media marketing, which is why you may want to seek our marketing expertise here at Prime Media Designs. 

Focus on Video Marketing 

While short and concise messages should be the focus of your social media marketing campaign, it’s also recommended that you focus on video marketing. Posting videos on your social media pages will help you strengthen your brand identity. Even the wittiest and most well written social media posts aren’t quite as effective at catching the attention of your audience when compared to high quality videos. Along with favorites like Facebook and Twitter, such platforms as Instagram and Youtube are also considered to be social networks, both of which are great places to post your video marketing. 

This type of marketing can take a variety of forms on social media platforms. The most popular types of video marketing on social media tend to be short videos that are engaging, well acted, and comedic in tone. When video marketing captures the attention of its intended audience, it’s possible for the video to go viral, which occurs when the video is shared hundreds of thousands or even millions of times. If ever you create a marketing video that goes viral, your brand will see immense growth. 

Make Regular Posts and Updates 

Even if the content you create is effective at bringing about lead generation and is appealing to your main audience, your brand won’t remain strong on social media unless you make regular posts and updates on whichever social media platforms you belong to. There aren’t many companies in the world that are big enough to coast by on minimal marketing. If you want to keep prospective customers engaged, it’s important that you keep a tight schedule with your content delivery. 

Your target audience will choose to pay attention to other brands or companies if you go lengthy periods of time without updating your social media pages. For instance, Youtube channels typically need to post a new video every week or two if they want to maintain and grow their subscription numbers. If you have an account or page set up on Twitter or Facebook, consider making posts at least several times each week. It’s also important that you strike the perfect balance between posting too little and posting so often that your audience feels as though you’re spamming them with impersonal content. 

Speak Directly to Target Audience 

Social media marketing is highly beneficial because it allows you to speak directly to your target audience, which is a perk that’s not available with most other forms of marketing. If you want to built a relationship with your audience in a manner that bolsters lead generation and customer conversion rates, social media marketing is the way to do so. Once you’ve identified who your core audience is, you can start crafting social media marketing campaigns that speak directly to these customers. If you’re able to establish a relationship with your customers through regular back and forth conversations, you’ll likely find that your reputation for customer service will also be strengthened. 

These conversations will allow you to address the most pertinent concerns that your customers have, which will show them that you listen to their feedback. When you make a comment or post a video on your social media platform of choice, you’ll notice that there are sections underneath where customers and fans can make comments about the content. You need to respond regularly to your customers within these comment sections, which is a great way to show that you’re interested in what they have to say. Customers who have questions or complaints should also be responded to whenever possible. 

Know Your Marketing Needs 

Your marketing needs should reflect what your current business goals are. Before you engage in social media marketing, you need to be fully aware of what you’re trying to achieve with this marketing. While building a strong brand on social media is a great overarching goal, there need to be smaller and more tangible goals and objectives for you to focus on. 

For instance, if you want to increase company revenue by 10 percent within the financial year and you believe that social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram could bolster your revenues, your main objective with marketing could be to increase traffic to your social media page by 15-20 percent in that same time period. 

This increase in traffic to your social media page could help increase the amount of revenue that your business brings in throughout the year. When you combine an effective social media marketing campaign with all of your other marketing efforts, you should begin to reap the rewards. 

Implement Calls to Action 

Calls to action are among the most important marketing tools that a company can utilize. A call to action refers to telling your customers to do something. A CTA is always direct and to the point. When posting messages or videos on social media platforms, the primary calls to action that you can employ include telling your customers to share a post, visit your website, or follow you. Your main goal should be to bring your customer from your social media page over to your website or to an e-mailing list. If you’re unsure of how to properly implement calls to action on social media, consider obtaining the marketing services of Prime Media Designs. 

Focus on Specific Platforms 

If you have a good idea about who your target audience is, you should then find out which social media platforms these customers typically use. Consider limiting your social media marketing to 2-3 platforms at most. Otherwise, you run the risk of spreading yourself too thin, which will only serve to weaken the content and reduce the efficacy of your marketing campaign. If you’ve been using social media platforms to market your brand, Google Analytics will help you identify which platforms bring the most traffic to your website. For help branding your business, contact Prime Media Designs today to set up your initial appointment. The marketing services that we provide will allow you to strengthen your presence on social media.

If you still would like assistance in building a strong brand across your social media channels, feel free to contact us.

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