#1 – What is Digital Marketing vs. Regular Marketing?

Digital marketing is essentially anything that is done in an online nature. Examples of these are: email blasts, web design, Facebook advertising, etc. Whereas with regular, otherwise known as traditional marketing, is any means to market your business that isn’t through an online presence. Examples of these are Television ads, billboards, postal mailings, etc.

#2 – Should I be posting to social media regularly?

This is dependent on your industry and business strategy. Some businesses like retail thrive in social media presence, while others like real estate investors may not.  We can certainly come to find out what suites your needs when evaluating your business and best strategies based on those findings.

#3 – How often should my website be updated?

Your website should be updated monthly with the latest version of your website platform, along with all of your plug-ins. In most businesses, a large portion of sales are made through websites.  Ensuring that something like a contact form plug-in is updated is crucial when it comes to getting leads.  

#4 – I've tried Google Adwords and Facebook promoted ads but have had no luck. How can you provide successful results?

When it comes to a lot of marketing, what makes for success is not only a great deal of testing to give you the right answers and insight, but also experience. Campaigns run through Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. require training, expertise and a ton of persistence! With the amount of knowledge and experience our team has, we cannot promise results right away, but can assure you that we don’t reinvent the wheel and are determined to seek the right funnels in order to get you closer to seeing those outstanding results.

#5 – I'm concerned with marketing spend. Is Prime Media Designs affordable?

We work with plenty of companies that spend several hundreds of dollars a month, along with those that spend thousands. If you have a small budget, we can always work with the priority tasks at hand based upon your online presence research and evaluation. We are very reasonable in our pricing and do what it takes to ensure you’re satisfied with our services and your results.

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